Built-In Customer Retention

How do you know when a customer leaves your business and never comes back? Without Loyl.Me, you likely don’t.

We know it is nearly impossible to keep track of how often individual customers come in, let alone which ones have stopped buying from you. That’s why we do it for you! We have pre-built customer retention set into a simple campaign. Our analytics and algorithms measure the average purchase interval of each consumer and if a consumer deviates from her normal buying pattern we will launch a campaign to bring her back in. That’s just one example of a pre-configured campaign ready to be activated with a few mouse clicks.

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The Automated Marketing Cloud is the platform behind all the goodies we offer. Stop wasting your money on “pay & pray” advertising, juggling multiple databases and wondering how much money your marketing is really making your business. If you are ready to have more customers coming in more often and spending more, let’s get started!

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