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Sit-down with Steve Blank – Lean Startups

Thanks to Denver Founder’s Network and Galvanize, Loyl.Me had front row seats to see Steve Blank give our community some great insights into Lean Startups. We sure learned a lot and had wonderful confirmation about our company following the methodologies that Steve and his associates created (or put into words as he said). We got to hear lots of fascinating insights about life in Silicon Valley from the 70′s until today. We aspire to build our company and create products in the ways Steve did.

Here’s a big thank you to Mr. Blank! We can’t wait to have another chance to hear your wisdom.

Jeff Dorchester

As a seasoned Creative Director and Industrial Designer, I bring my style and abilities to work as an entrepreneur revving up our new company - Loyl.Me. I provide specialized abilities by applying my diverse skill sets and experiences to a wide array of necessary practices critical for allowing our business to succeed in today’s world.

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