Instantly Understand a Customer’s Value to Your Business

FACT: If you extend the same offer to ALL of your customers you are NOT maximizing your revenue (it’s OK, 95% of businesses do this). It’s simple, not all customers are created equally; some visit more often and spend a pretty penny, while others do not visit often and only look for bargains – stop marketing to all your customers as if they are one person.

Ask yourself – does someone who consistently comes in and spends good money need a discount to get them to come back in? Do you think someone who hasn’t been in for a long time might need a push to get them back in the door? Can you distinguish the difference between those two types of customers by looking at your current email list? Time to stop the madness and the guessing!

Loyl.Me clearly show you the value of each customer and by knowing their value, you can send different types of communications or rewards to different customers – it’s specifically targeted marketing.

Customers who come in often love that “thank you” campaign letting them know you appreciate seeing them. On the other hand the guy who’s falling off the map might just come on back when you say, “Hey we miss you. Have an appetizer on us!” No matter what the situation is, our platform puts you in control of understanding customer value and how to optimize it to create revenue for your business.

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The Automated Marketing Cloud is the platform behind all the goodies we offer. Stop wasting your money on “pay & pray” advertising, juggling multiple databases and wondering how much money your marketing is really making your business. If you are ready to have more customers coming in more often and spending more, let’s get started!

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