Automated Customer Segmentation

Do you have the ability to analyze purchases and place customers in similar groups based on buying patterns and preferences so you can market to them effectively? Don’t fret – most businesses can’t without huge investments in technology. As you may have guessed, we do this for you too! Customer segments are easy to see in your dashboard and you will instantly understand how much money each segment is making for your business.

Once the light is shed on customer segments, you will have the knowledge and power to improve customer experiences and ultimately higher profits. We segment your customers so you can send different campaigns to each group, if you like. For instance, customers in your least profitable segment may receive campaigns with more aggressive rewards in order to get them to come back. On the other hand, your most profitable segment may receive a “Bring Your Friends & Family” campaign.

You control how you treat each segment, but in the end we want to make sure you make every customer as profitable as they can be.

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Think about it – your customers are not created equally – some spend more and visit frequently while others don’t spend much or visit often, customer segmentation gives you the power of knowing who is valuable and who needs a little push. If you are ready to have more customers coming in more often and spending more, let’s get started!

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