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Knowing the value of a customer and scoring them is like magic to most businesses. Good technology is like magic and Loyl.Me is your magician.

We automatically score customers for you using advanced algorithms and methodologies so you can easily see differences in customer values. We say “all customers are not created equally, so why market to them all the same way?”. In today’s world, you need personalized marketing if you want to drive customers into your business.

Do you think your most valuable customers should be receiving the same types of messages or offers as your least valuable customers? Please say “no”. Loyl.Me gets the data needed to automatically send tailored offers and messages to these different customer types without the need for you to keep track. Go focus on your other business needs and let us send your messages to the right people at the right time to maximize your marketing ROI!

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The Automated Marketing Cloud is the platform behind all the goodies we offer. Stop wasting your money on “pay & pray” advertising, juggling multiple databases and wondering how much money your marketing is really making your business. If you are ready to have more customers coming in more often and spending more, let’s get started!

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