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The big question is always, “How am I going to get the data I need without the hassle of training, POS integration and in-store equipment?”

We are the ONLY company to offer The Royl.Me Mobile App; it is breaking the mold and we are first to market! Royl.Me takes the trouble, hardware and operational impacts of implementing a robust Automated Marketing Platform and CRM and throws it in the conventional trash! (you can take that tablet home and play Candy Crush or Angry Birds because you no longer need it taking up precious space).

We put the power of loyalty and personalized offers in your customer’s hands and our Automated Marketing Cloud drives repeat business with increased profits for you.



So How Does This Work?


Customers join your loyalty program by downloading the Royl.Me app (Apple & Android). They create a profile within seconds and they are in control to manage their preferences. Royl.Me seamlessly delivers the credit they deserve into their smartphone.


So easy…the amount spent is entered into Royl.Me by your customer; you make sure the amount is correct and simply touch their phone with our plastic “stamp” to validate. The transaction is done within seconds, your customer is happy and so are you!


Loyl.Me’s Automated Marketing Cloud gathers spend, behavioral data and preferences from these transactions and automatically launches tailored campaigns to your customers without you lifting a finger.


Customers receive rewards based on their specific spend amount, visit patterns and responses to your automated campaigns. Of course you get to define exactly offer they receive based on these parameters, but it’s sixth grade simple and, once setup, you can “set it and forget it”…it just works for you automatically!

What’s up with “The Stamp”?

Good technology is like magic and this is where the magic happens. Our little piece of plastic, “The Stamp”, is innovative and authenticates purchases and rewards/offers in Royl.Me. This is how we bypass all that yucky, expensive and hard to use/train in-store hardware. Best of all, once “stamped” our Automated Marketing Cloud has all the data you need to keep your customers coming back and spending more! Go ahead and clap…we do because it’s really awesome.

Loyalty Transaction

With loyalty, customers want the credit they deserve for spending their hard earned money with you. Now they get credit for every penny. They simply enter their spend amount and you stamp it.

Reward Redemption

Rewards/Offers your customers are eligible for are automatically placed into The Royl.Me App. Your customers will always be able to see valid offers with a few swipes on their smartphone. You stay top-of-mind and they come back for more.

Merchant Profiles

You get your own merchant page in Royl.Me and your customers can save your business to their list of merchants with a simple tap of their finger. Customers can see your contact and location info and, most importantly, they are always up to date as their rewards and offers are pushed to them via notifications. Nothing is more targeted and easy!

Customer Profiles

Customers can easily add and update their personal information. In addition, they can also manage their opt-in or opt-out settings for email or text messages. They can even add a photo so you can see who they are.


Check out how easy Royl.Me is to use.

  • Enroll


    Download the Royl.Me app on iOS or Android. Smart phones help make relationships grow!
  • Loyalty Transaction

    Loyalty Transaction

    Amounts spent are entered in the Royl.Me app and then the screen is shown to stamp and validate.
  • Rewards and Loyalty Transaction

    Rewards and Loyalty Transaction

    Rewards are chosen to redeem & amounts spent are entered in the Royl.Me app and then the screen is shown to stamp and validate.

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People Say

  • Are you kidding me? I don't need to have all that crazy in-store equipment? It's amazing all I need are these stamps and the rest is done on my customers' phones. This is awesome!

    Restaurant Owner

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Speak Your Customer's Language

We don't stop with pushing/placing communications, rewards and offers on Royl.Me. We let you communicate with your customers they way they want to. So listen to them and let them know you understand their needs by speaking their language.

  • ROYL.ME Mobile App

    ROYL.ME Mobile App

    Personalized rewards and offers in the palms of your customer's hands. Nothing to install, virtually no training and you get the data you need to automate marketing!

  • Integrated Text & Mobile Marketing

    Integrated Text & Mobile Marketing

    Make your text campaigns go viral to get $$$ spent at your business! Use Contests, Referral Programs or build a Custom campaign. Cha-Ching!

  • Integrated Email

    Integrated Email can drop your expensive blast email provider ;) Our email engine is built right in and can easily start saving you money right away!

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