Ready-to-Rock, Preconfigured Campaigns with Templates

Without a fully staffed Marketing Department, businesses struggle to stay up to date with targeted marketing campaigns. Loyl.Me solves this problem.

We have already configured 10 campaigns every business should be running; AND, they learn based on customer purchase or non-purchase! Come on…who doesn’t send out a thank you when someone visits. Here are the campaigns we have ready for you now:

Loyl.Me scans your customer database daily and automatically sends a birthday campaign to consumers who have a birthday coming up.
Loyl.Me will automatically send this campaign to thank a customer when they make a big purchase. We look at every customer’s individual spending pattern to determine what a “big” purchase really means, which results in a very targeted campaign.
This campaign goes out monthly and is designed to increase average ticket sizes. Loyl.Me takes a consumer’s average ticket size, and our “nerds” (we love them) work to send a campaign designed to lovingly increase spend when a customer comes in again.
Based on a merchant selecting a required number of visits, Loyl.Me, will automatically send this campaign when a consumer meets the required number of visits.
This is customer retention built into a simple campaign. Loyl.Me measures the average purchase interval of each consumer, if they stop coming in, we bring them back!
On a monthly basis, identifies consumers who were in lower value customer segment the previous month and have moved into a higher customer segment, which indicates they are coming in more often and/or spending more. This campaign uses positive reinforcement to encourage this profitable behavior.
The opposite of Movin on UP, this campaign identifies the consumers who are declining in value and have moved down from a higher value customer segment into a lower customer segment. This campaign includes an incentive to drive the consumer back in more often.
Recency (the measurement of a consumer’s most recent visit) is the #1 predictor of a future purchase. This campaign will automatically be sent when a merchant selects a “Last Visit Date” and a consumer visits within that time.
Based on actual transaction patterns, Loyl.Me calculates a merchant’s busy periods, periods of no activity and slow periods. Once the slow times have been calculated this campaign will be sent and the offer is ONLY valid during the slow periods. It’s a great way to build traffic.
When a consumer becomes “known” by enrolling this campaign automatically goes out thanking the consumer and includes a bounce-back offer to increase customer visits.
Unlimited options, countless possibilities. Want a campaign to go out to customers who have spent between $401 – $499, in the past 90 days and visited 3 or more times? Done. Want to send a campaign to all customers who have spent at least $100? Done. Want to send a campaign to consumers who have visited only once? Done and done. Choose by customer segment and then use our simple sliders to further define the purchase criteria. The beautiful part is (like all campaigns with Loyl.Me) once you configure these campaigns they run AUTOMATICALLY!

Another super cool thing is we have marketing templates built right in. You can click and send or insert your own HTML and graphics. Basically we figured most people do not have an in-house design and coding team, so we took care of that for ya (we’re cool like that). On the other hand, you can customize your email templates to your heart’s delight if you do have a team of marketing gurus, designers and coders. Our automated marketing platform is setup for everyone from big to small.

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