We are loyalty experts and we are about to revolutionize the industry…again. Our mobile app, Royl.Me, is the first of its kind and requires no installation, training or tablets! Sure, you can still have a cash back, discount or punchcard type of program but now we are also delivering personalized offers and rewards in the palm of your customers’ hands!

According to Bain and Co., a 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits by 85%. How can your business afford to not be running a loyalty program with amazing statistics like that? Good thing our Loyalty program is included in our Automated Marketing Cloud and helps you retain those hard earned customers automatically!

For businesses that have customers who prefer not to use Royl.Me, we can also accommodate via a web terminal, with traditional plastic cards or even through our point of sale integrations. So, we have all the flavors that can satisfy your needs with a tailored loyalty program that works perfectly for your business.

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Love Your Customers! The Power of Customer Loyalty…


Time to generate crazy revenue

There’s no doubt customers love Loyalty programs, but Loyl.Me puts your program top-of-mind by analyzing valuable customer data to create additional sales.

Your Loyalty program must stand out from the crowd! Today, customers belong to many Loyalty programs and you need a technology like Loyl.Me to make sure they choose your business. We make it easy to reward loyal customers for their patronage and attract new ones! And best of all, repeat guests spend an average of 67% more than new guests!

Numerous studies show Loyalty will increase frequency, spend and retention. So it isn’t a question of “if” but “how” should a Loyalty program be implemented. You can go “old school” and use a plastic card or GO MOBILE and use our cardfree option so no cards or tablets are needed.

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Loyalty Programs Designed Around Your Business

Visits/Frequency (Punchcard Replacement)

Very common in the market today, particularly with small cafes, sub-shops, spas and salons. Completely configurable so you can determine the number of visits before a reward is earned and placed into Royl.Me; you can even customize the reward given, which helps you protect your profit margins. Plus, ALL customer data feeds into the Automated Marketing Cloud.

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Points for Cash

Customers LOVE this type of program and we have you covered here as well. Decide on offering a percentage or fixed amount of cash value for points earned. Not sure what the best “points to dollar ratio” (that’s fancy “loyalty-speak”) to offer? We will help you with our Concierge Boarding Service. Rest assured, once your program is up and running your customers will be delighted…and so will you!

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Points for Prize

OK, maybe you don’t want to offer cold, hard cash for points. Not a problem – you can offer any type of prize you want!

It can even be something “experiential” (more “loyalty-speak”), meaning you can reward a customer with an exclusive experience that non-loyalty customers wish they could have. HINT: This will also increase your customer enrollment, which is great for you because is grows your database and with the Automated Marketing Cloud that database is POWERFUL!

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Customers as Fans – Word of Mouth Evolved

You have all heard it before “word of mouth is the most effective marketing out there!”; we agree and we allow you to reward customers for spreading the good word about your Loyalty program. Both customers, the new ones who were referred and the person who told them about you can be rewarded so it’s that old “win-win” that everyone wants. And, you know what more customers means to your business (HINT: more revenue)!

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Custom Loyalty Programs and/or Coalitions

So you want to be different and mix up the rewards and types of Loyalty programs you run? We like you…ALOT and we can handle it. From multiple Loyalty program types, to customer enrollment bonuses or other promotions, it right in our sweet spot!

Have a group of merchants that you want to have in a Loyalty program? Yea, we can do that too – we can even allow each merchant to run their own type of Loyalty program under the Coalition. This option has several flavors so if you need this let us know. We are happy to help!

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With millions of customer loyalty memberships, there is no doubt they are popular, but you need your program to be top-of-mind with your customers and Loyl.Me makes that happen automatically. If you’re ready to get more people coming in more often and spending more then let’s get started!

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