No more wondering what marketing campaigns work and which don’t…This saves you oodles of money!

Most businesses do no have the money or staff to constantly review previous marketing efforts, analyze the results, then build future campaigns to improve results.

Loyl.Me does it for you as well. We track marketing campaign responses, non-responses and purchases then our platform learns and adjusts future campaigns by analyzing customer buying patterns. Plus, every customer has their own record in our platform and their buying patterns are tracked for you. We do the analysis and bring customers back into your business. For example, Bob purchases every 30 days and Jane purchases every 45 days – we analyze that and automatically send a campaign when Bob and Jane fall out of their normal buying pattern. It’s built-in CUSTOMER RETENTION! When Bob or Jane visit again and their buying patterns adjust, our platform learns and adjusts too!

Why do we analyze these buying patterns? Communications based on personal patterns show your customers you care about who they are and what they are doing for your business. Giving credit when credit is deserved is how you extend the royal treatment. The best part is we do that for you automatically.

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The Automated Marketing Cloud is the platform behind all the goodies we offer. Stop wasting your money on “pay & pray” advertising, juggling multiple databases and wondering how much money your marketing is really making your business. If you are ready to have more customers coming in more often and spending more, let’s get started!

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