Integrated Email

Forget about importing a list of contacts into your email program! How does an all in one email platform sound? All in one you ask? Well, our email platform is automated and grabs your customer’s email addresses from our applications and feeds them in to one database so you can easily automate marketing to them.

There’s no need to keep a separate email provider when you’re on our platform, it is included with our stack.

Start creating personalized emails delivered to your customers based on their preferences and behaviors. No more blanket email that goes out to everyone and hoping they open it and visit your business.

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Automated Email Tied to Revenue Generated

Customer data is fed into the Automated Marketing Cloud and email campaigns are launched.

Email is still the number one way of getting electronic messages to your customers, so having an integrated solution keep you top of mind.

Because our email platform is tied right into the rest of our applications, we give you hands-free email. Our applications talk to each other which saves you time wasted on uploading customer lists and long nights of exports. We make it easy and profitable for you.

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Pre-Built Design Templates

Out of the box, we have your design needs covered.

Want to jump right in and start sending emails with just a few clicks? No problem. We provide pre-designed email templates to get you up and running fast.

You can customize the content for each email campaign you setup. We offer a simple WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) text edit areas were you can edit. Don’t feel like you’re tied down to the fun messages we’ve created. Unleash your inner Thoreau and write content that suits your voice and resonates with your customers the way you want it to.

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Want to Get Fancy with Custom HTML?

Sky’s the limit with your own designs and code!

Loyl.Me’s email application lets you use your own custom HTML and designs to create your own email templates to match your brand. Expert users are able to do whatever they want with the look and feel of custom HTML emails. Simply upload your code and graphics and you’re off to marketing amazement!

Did you know you can clone emails too? That’s right! Once you get a template going, just click on the clone button and easily start your next email template based on your first. How’s that for easy?

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Newsletters Too

We did not forget about the old standby, you can still send newsletters.

You don’t have to rely solely on automated emails based on customer purchase patterns. Yup…that’s right, you can get rid of your current “blast” email provider and use us for all your email needs. Go ahead and send a newsletter for events, upcoming announcements or to announce the personalized offers you will be providing by working with Loyl.Me!

Think of the cost savings of switching from your current email only provider and coming over to Loyl.Me, who gives you so much more! Just think of having your current newsletter capabilities along with all our amazing apps that talk to each other and automate your marketing!

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Opt-In…Of Course!

Let your customers control if they want email or not

Law dictates that people opt-in for email marketing messages. We offer several ways for your customers to opt-in to email communications from you! Our web-based loyalty enrollment form and Royl.Me allows users to conveniently opt-in or opt-out of email messages from you.

Giving you customers the option of receiving or not receiving email will still not hinder your ability to place/push offers to the Royl.Me mobile app. So the rewards to give to them will always be seen and top of mind.

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One of Our Many Ways

Email is just one communication method for effective digital marketing. We let you communicate with your customers they way they want to. So listen to them and let them know you understand their needs.

  • ROYL.ME Mobile App

    ROYL.ME Mobile App

    Personalized rewards and offers in the palms of your customer's hands. Nothing to install, virtually no training and you get the data you need to automate marketing!

  • Integrated Text & Mobile Marketing

    Integrated Text & Mobile Marketing

    Make your text campaigns go viral to get $$$ spent at your business! Use Contests, Referral Programs or build a Custom campaign. Cha-Ching!

  • Integrated Email

    Integrated Email can drop your expensive blast email provider ;) Our email engine is built right in and can easily start saving you money right away!

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Email is an important part of your marketing; however, “blast” emails should be a thing of the past. Your customers deserve better and so do you; plus, it’s integrated and seamless. If you’re ready to get more people coming in more often and spending more then let’s get started!

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