Daily Deal Remarketing

Reach, Reward, Retain…

Another first-to-market innovation from Loyl.Me, we turn one-time daily deal buyers into loyalty members. With the power of the Automated Marketing Cloud, you create personalized relationships with customers who bought a daily deal. Now, these customers are much more than just a single, costly visit.

Typically daily deal customers come in once, unless you grab them in-store and get their contact info. The beauty of our solution is, many times, they opt-in and provide their information before they even come in and, if they don’t, they can download Royl.Me within seconds at your business and opt-in to receive personalized offers/rewards.

Finally there’s a way to convert those one-time customers into repeat and profitable business. Now you can think of running daily deals as a cost of customer acquisition and not a huge cost to your bottom line.

Daily Deal Remarketing in Two Minutes

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the flick!

What is Daily Deal Remarketing?

It’s a brilliant way to get new customers and turn them into repeat visitors.

Make an unknown, one-time, daily deal buyer and turn them into a “known”, loyal customer. Customers must join your loyalty program (don’t have one, we’ll provide it) to redeem their daily deal. This step happens right in the voucher your customers’ get when they purchase a deal. Your daily deal buyers will be a part of your loyalty program within seconds of buying a deal.

How cool is it that daily deal buyer will become loyalty customer before they even visit for their first time!

We’re the only company doing this and it’s about time you be first to market with us!

Does it work?


In a recent daily deal remarketing campaign, a merchant sold over 1500 daily deals in a matter of days – Now all these customers are known loyalty members who can be driven back with targeted offers and promotions.

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Daily deal companies continue to provide something customers love…a deep discount. Many businesses think daily deals are too expensive to offer; but, we are changing the game and providing a simple way for your business to reach millions of customers, reward their loyalty and retain them with personalized offers. If you are ready to have daily deal customers coming in more often and spending more, let’s get started!

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