Custom Marketing Campaigns Sent Automatically…Set it & Forget it!

Sure, you already get “Ready-to-Rock” preconfigured campaigns, but what if you want to create automated campaigns based on specific buying patterns and customer segments? No problem – we have that covered and it is so simple you can launch a custom campaign in a few minutes.

Want an offer to go to your top two customer segments when customers have come in 5 times in 90 days & spent $300? Done! How about sending an exclusive offer to customers who have spent $1000? Done! Or, what if you want an offer sent when customer spends between $50 – $99 and has been in 5 – 10 times within the past 90 – 180 days? Yea, that’s DONE TOO! You can have unlimited custom campaigns and the best part is they ONLY go to customers when they meet the buying patterns you’ve selected. So, after you setup a few, sit back, relax and watch customers come in to buy – imagine what you will do with all that money & free time!

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The Automated Marketing Cloud is the platform behind all the goodies we offer. Stop wasting your money on “pay & pray” advertising, juggling multiple databases and wondering how much money your marketing is really making your business. If you are ready to have more customers coming in more often and spending more, let’s get started!

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