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Big Data

Think Big Data capability is out of reach for your business? Think again, we’ve included it as part of our “stack”, which means you get it out of the gate. It’s time to level the playing field!

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Customer Upload

Imagine having a customer who is on your email list, your text/SMS list and you list of customers who responded to a coupon book you advertised in…

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Living with old customer information and preferences will makes your marketing much less effective.

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Do you have the ability to analyze and place customers in similar groups so you can market to them effectively?

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Knowing the value of a customer and scoring them is like magic to most businesses. Good technology is like magic and Loyl.Me is your magician and we will let you know the tricks!

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Insights and Analytics

Most businesses have no idea how much revenue each marketing campaign generates, let alone how much each customer spends or how often they buy (or what they buy).

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