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Integrated Email

Ok…you can drop your expensive blast email provider 😉 Our email engine is built right in and can easily start saving you money right away!

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Verifiable Offers

Say goodbye to coupon fraud and say hello to knowing exactly how much money each marketing campaign is making your business!   Every offer sent from Loyl.Me contains a verifiable code specific to each consumer and campaign; plus, we handle all the tracking, you simply run transactions and delight your customers.

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Plastic cards & tablets on counters are sooo last week! We offer a mobile app called Royl.Me or consumers can use their mobile phone number (done & done) for all your loyalty and rewards needs! No installation, no training or clunky tablets…we are changing the loyalty game again!

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ROYL.ME Mobile App

Personalized rewards and offers in the palms of your customer’s hands. Nothing to install, virtually no training and you get the data you need to automate marketing!

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