Services Our Software as a Service (SaaS) gives you all our amazing stack of apps! No need to pick and choose to buy our amazing platform, just pick and choose to learn more!

Your Stack Of Automated Marketing Awesomeness

Here's the muscle that transforms ordinary customer interactions into extraordinary relationships. Focus on your day to day business needs and let our software bring your customers back in and spending more.

  • ROYL.ME Mobile App

    ROYL.ME Mobile App

    Personalized rewards and offers in the palms of your customer's hands. Nothing to install, virtually no training and you get the data you need to automate marketing!



    PRECISELY TARGETED, automated marketing campaigns based on customer purchase patterns means highly profitable marketing, time savings & high ROI for you!



    Plastic cards & tablets on counters are sooo last week! We offer a mobile app called Royl.Me or consumers can use their mobile phone number (done & done) for all your loyalty and rewards needs! No installation, no training or clunky tablets...we are changing the loyalty game again!



    Reach, Reward, Retain…You can increase your revenue with daily deals, by turning one time, daily deal buyers into repeat customers.

  • Verifiable Offers

    Verifiable Offers

    Say goodbye to coupon fraud and say hello to knowing exactly how much money each marketing campaign is making your business!   Every offer sent from Loyl.Me contains a verifiable code specific to each consumer and campaign; plus, we handle all the tracking, you simply run transactions and delight your customers.

  • Integrated Text & Mobile Marketing

    Integrated Text & Mobile Marketing

    Make your text campaigns go viral to get $$$ spent at your business! Use Contests, Referral Programs or build a Custom campaign. Cha-Ching!

  • Integrated Email

    Integrated Email can drop your expensive blast email provider ;) Our email engine is built right in and can easily start saving you money right away!

Platform in Action

Our amazing Automated Marketing Cloud is a platform that will help your business be more successful. Here are a few highlights that are sure to impress!



Our platform is sixth grade simple. Why make products that are hard to figure out how to use? Rest assured we are constantly evolving our platform to be the best and easiest to use – easy for you, easy for your customers!



You can literally setup marketing campaigns within seconds or minutes. We have numerous pre-built “smart” email templates for all our campaign types ready to go in a few clicks. Saving time is like saving money…enjoy the rewards!



Do you know which marketing channels produce the highest returns? Time to measure the effectiveness of your marketing dollar. We clearly show you how much money you are making on every campaign as well as the value of each individual customer.



We don’t need no stinkin’ POS integration to get you the data you need to automate marketing! Why hassle with expensive in-store integrations, hardware and training when you have Loyl.Me? We want your loyalty and marketing efforts to be painless.

Our Clients

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  • Are you kidding me? I don't need to have all that crazy in-store equipment? It's amazing all I need are these stamps and the rest is done on my customers' phones. This is awesome!

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Let’s Get Started

The Automated Marketing Cloud is the action behind all the goodies we offer. If you’re ready to get more people coming in more often and spending more then let’s do this now!