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Loyl.Me Gives a Serious Adrenaline Shot to “Daily Deals”

Do you want daily deals to work for you as a merchant?

According to a recent article by Sam Neumark at Daily Deal Media, there are some pretty serious complaints coming from merchants about daily deals. A survey of about 150 merchants concluded with some major complaints merchants have:

Top 10 Complaints from Merchants Using Daily Deals:

  1. Low Customer Loyalty
  2. Deal-Hungry Customers
  3. Brand Devaluation
  4. Low Margins/Large Commission Structure
  5. Negative Online Reviews
  6. Pushy Daily Deal Site Salespeople
  7. Unmanageable Influx of Customers
  8. Inability to capture customer information
  9. Cannibalization of existing customer base
  10. Difficulty in tracking loyalty of deal-users

Sam Neumark, www.dailydealmedia.com

The great news for merchants is Loyl.Me will soon be offering a Daily Deal Remarketing Module that will allow many of these complaints to be silenced. Daily deal customers can now be known to merchants and those who were once unknowns will now be able to be known and retargeted to come back as repeat customers.

We can fix almost all merchant complaints about daily deals

Let’s examine how Loyl.Me can change the game for better with merchants and consumers using our powerful CRM and Automated Marketing Cloud, one deal at a time:

  • Low Customer Loyalty –
  • Merchants can now change unknown customers who come in once via daily deal site into loyal customers by getting them to immediately enroll in their loyalty program. Once daily deal customers are enrolled and identified they earn points and a personalized relationship between them and the merchant starts via our Automated Marketing Cloud.
  • Deal-Hungry Customers –
  • These customers can be killers to businesses. You see them once while they laugh in the spoils of the daily deal and then merchants never see them again. Loyl.Me allows businesses to provide relevant communication with these customers and gives them control of future offers or promotions, which brings customers back in!  Now merchants can feed the deal-hungry customers more of what they want, but at their own pace and own terms.
  • Brand Devaluation –
  • Loyl.Me allows merchants to bring brand control back into their own hands after the daily deal. Merchants win over daily deal customers by providing ongoing rewards and continuing a line of targeted communication individually tailored to each customer. Merchants start building relationships by giving relevant and timely communications that matter, based on customer value and purchase patterns.
  • Low Margins/Large Commission Structure –
  • Low margins may be present with a first time visit from a daily deal customer, but not from repeat business. Loyl.Me drives repeat business, increases average ticket size and customer visits. We make that one time customer a loyal customer who may become a merchant’s biggest evangelist – HALLELUJAH!
  • Negative Online Reviews –
  • Poor reviews often happen because of a single event. If you can win a customer over and gain repeat business then customers are more likely to post positive reviews. Don’t let customers slip away after a daily deal single visit. Make them known and start treating them like royalty by creating an extraordinary relationship with them.
  • Pushy Daily Deal Site Salespeople –
  • We can’t help with the pushy daily deal sales guys, but we can show you how nice we are to work with. If you’re going to run a daily deal, no matter what, it might be the last time you need to interact with the pushy salesman. You take control of future offers and promotions once your new customers are in our system. Sorry pushy daily deal sales guy.
  • Unmanageable Influx of Customers –
  • The daily deal can bring in “unknowns”, especially when it comes to the influx of customers wanting to redeem their purchases. Loyl.Me allows merchants to add incentives to daily deals offered and drive customers in at shoulder times/slow times. Finally daily deals can work for merchants the way they want them to.
  • Inability to capture customer information –
  • The heart and soul of Loyl.Me’s Daily Deal Remarketing Module is the ability to capture customer information in an opt-in format, which immediately gets daily deal customers to let merchants know who they are. A more fulfilling relationship starts once a customer is known to a business.
  • Cannibalization of existing customer base –
  • We highly recommend you do not eat your customers…no, seriously, it’s uncool to eat people.  That’s a really bad idea that will get you nowhere other than upstate with an unruly cellmate. Our system allows merchants to create custom incentives or promotions for new or existing customers. We let you reward your customers the way you want to – you are always in control.
  • Difficulty in tracking loyalty of deal-users –
  • Nonsense! Our CRM and Automated Marketing Cloud tracks your customers for you (automatically) and gathers their purchase behaviors and patterns. We let you know the value of each customer and what they represent to your business. Finally, you get insight into a customer’s lifetime value. Pretty cool, right!

What we see here is merchants have seriously major pain points with running daily deals. What we’re doing over here at Loyl.Me is addressing those issues and coming up with simple solutions that makes daily deals make more sense. Instead of relying on the unknown and living in a world of guessing games, untold losses, and nameless customers, merchants can now take control of their customer interactions and finally know who is coming in their doors. Merchants can chalk up the cost of a daily deal as one to that of true customer acquisition and not a cost of a customer one-time visit wrapped up in a blanket of hope.

Jeff Dorchester

As a seasoned Creative Director and Industrial Designer, I bring my style and abilities to work as an entrepreneur revving up our new company - Loyl.Me. I provide specialized abilities by applying my diverse skill sets and experiences to a wide array of necessary practices critical for allowing our business to succeed in today’s world.

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