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Have questions about getting started?

Getting started with Loyl.Me is super-duper easy! We make things as simple as they can be for you and your customers, so why should our signup process be any different?

No. We offer a month to month service. This let’s you stay our customer as long as you wish without feeling locked into a long-term investment. We’re more than confident you’ll stay a customer for a long time and don’t feel we need to trap you into a contract you don’t feel comfortable with.
Our pricing is per location. If you have multiple stores, please select from the optional location numbers on our pricing page to get started!
We bill monthly from the day you signup. Don’t forget there’s a one-time setup fee along with your monthly subscription fee. You’ll see a price breakdown of charges on the checkout page when you are entering your information.
It’s not a problem! Our basic pricing plans allow for up to 10,000 customers in a single store location database. If you have more, please give us a call at 800.409.2520 to get a quote on custom pricing for your needs.
This isn’t a frequently asked question by the way. We just have this here, because we’re easy to work with. We understand you can’t win them all.

Since you’re not locked into a lengthy contract, you can cancel at any time. Just login to your account at Loyl.Me and turn off your services. Before you do, please be sure to give us a call at 800.409.2520 so we can see what we can do to keep your business.

Have questions about how this works in-store?

Getting started with Loyl.Me is super easy! We make things as simple as they can be for you and your customers, so why should our signup process be any different?

Promotion! The best way to promote is to tell your customers about your loyalty program. Nothing beats that. To go along with personal promotion, we also offer you in-store point of purchase marketing materials. When you sign up, we’ll send you materials that work with your business type. For instance, restaurants will get table tents or check presenters. Just let us know what you would like and we’ll make them work for you!
Almost nothing, just our stamps will be needed for in-store operation. The stamps will work with your customer’s smart phones. There’s no expensive point of sale integrations, in-store tablets or other crazy hardware that bogs down business. Our stamps require no batteries and can be driven over with your local city bus and not break!
Virtually none. The only thing your staff will need to learn is how to stamp a phone. Basically, they will look at the stamp screen and verify the spend amount and any reward (if applicable). They will then need to use an alternate tender key on your existing POS that’s setup for the rewards you are giving. Pretty easy right? Yes it is :)
Stop worrying about “coupon” fraud. Our system generates a verifiable code for each reward that goes out to your customers. Our platform validates and removes all rewards once they have been redeemed. It’s impossible for a customer to reuse any rewards sent to them. Pretty cool eh?
Each “stamp” we supply you has a unique identifier that is tied to your merchant location. We can even assign a single stamp to an employee so you don’t have to worry about people going stamp crazy and giving away the farm!
No! There’s not a single piece of electronics in the stamps which means no charging. We like to think they are kind of magical.
Get them to download it right away! Signup only take a minute and then your new loyalty customer can join your program and start to feel like royalty!
Tell them to get out of the 90s! Just kidding. No, seriously tell them…haha!

With smart phone adoption rates at over 60% these days, you’ll most likely never run into someone who doesn’t have one. If that’s the case, we offer a web-based way of getting the information you need into the system. Just login and enter the items we ask for and you won’t skip a beat. We also offer a text-to-enroll feature that will let your customers sign up for text message marketing. They can provide their emails as well and receive notifications and rewards that way as well. Seems like we have you covered!

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Have questions about running our platform?

Getting started with Loyl.Me is super easy! We make things as simple as they can be for you and your customers, so why should our signup process be any different?

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No! We have both of those functions built in. Best part is our monthly pricing is typically less than either one of those. So stop wasting money and start automating your marketing and get all our goodies for one low cost.
You’ll need a computer to access the control panel of Loyl.Me. We offer cloud services that are accessible by any computer connected to the internet. If you have those two things, you can easily manage your marketing campaigns and measure how your campaigns and customers are performing.
Easily! Just select any campaign you want to run, either pre-configured or custom, and enter your custom code and graphics. We offer WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) inputs as well as full HTML control. So users of any skill level can create successful automated marketing campaigns.
Fancy-schmancy algorithms run really cool calculations to figure out all sorts of stats about your customers, including their value to your business. We bucket your customers into segments and make those segments actionable by letting you send different messages or rewards to them. We like to say “not all customers are created equal, so why market to the the same?” Does a customer who comes in all the time need a big discount to come back? No. Does a customer you haven’t see in a year need a little more of a perk to come back? Yes. Our platform will easily identify the various customer types you have and automate marketing that gets them to come back and spend more.
Yes you can! We want you to upload all the customers you know and get them going on our platform. Download all your email lists from your current email system (or elsewhere) and get them into Loyl.Me. Our upload functionality is super robust and let’s you get your valuable customer data into our system with just a few clicks.
We have ten preconfigured campaigns that we feel any business should be running. We suggest you take a look at the campaign types and set them all up. If you are limited on time, just spend 3 minutes a day and set one up or the next ten days. Then you’re all set with the basics. After you get comfortable with the platform, be sure to log back in and start having fun setting up custom campaigns to further increase your revenue potential.
Login to the dashboard and click on campaigns. Then you can see how each campaign is performing and the dollar amount each campaign is generating. We are all about measurable marketing and let you see exactly what’s happening. How cool is it when you login and see that just a few simple clicks to setup automated campaigns has returned thousands of dollars. Stop the guess work with “pay and pray” advertising and finally see exactly how much your marketing dollar is making you.

Let’s Get Started Today

The Automated Marketing Cloud is the platform behind all the goodies we offer. Stop wasting your money on “pay & pray” advertising, juggling multiple databases and wondering how much money your marketing is really making your business. If you are ready to have more customers coming in more often and spending more, let’s get started!