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Barspender app

We put the power of loyalty and personalized offers in your hands. Now your favorite bartenders can place tailored offers and rewards right on your phone with the Barspender app.

Get ready for the long lost days of a wallet filled with punch cards or silly apps that don’t give you the loyalty credit you deserve.

Barspender lets your favorite bartenders give you personalized service second to none!



How it Works

Check out how easy Barspender is to use.

  • Enroll


    Download the Royl.Me app on iOS or Android. Smart phones help make relationships grow!
  • Loyalty Transaction

    Loyalty Transaction

    Amounts spent are entered in the Royl.Me app and then the screen is shown to stamp and validate.
  • Rewards and Loyalty Transaction

    Rewards and Loyalty Transaction

    Rewards are chosen to redeem & amounts spent are entered in the Royl.Me app and then the screen is shown to stamp and validate.

So What's the Story Here?


Join your favorite participating bartender’s loyalty program by downloading the Barspender app (Apple & Android) and selecting your bartender of choice. Create your profile within seconds and you’re in control to of your communication preferences. Barspender seamlessly delivers relevant offers you want right into your smartphone.


So easy…enter the amount you spend into Barspender every time you visit your bartender; they will make sure the amount you enter is correct and simply touch your phone with our “stamp” to validate. The transaction is done within seconds and be on the lookout for tailored rewards to be place right on your phone.


You will be happy when you finally get the credit you deserve and know you’re not just another punch on a piece of paper! Our app lets your favorite bartenders give you rewards based on your specific spend amount, visit patterns and more. Now you are noticed for your patronage and lets them say a special thanks to you, not just everyone.

What’s up with “The Stamp”?

Good technology is like magic and this is where the magic happens. Our little piece of plastic, “The Stamp”, is innovative and authenticates purchases and rewards/offers in Barspender. Forget scanning a meaningless barcodes to let your bartender know you just stopped by. Once you either “enter amount” or redeem a reward and enter an amount, your bartender will simply “stamp” your phone and your done. Get ready for more rewards and offers to appear!

Loyalty Transaction

With loyalty, you want the credit you deserve for spending your hard earned money with your favorite bartender. Now you get credit for every penny spent. Simply enter your spend amount and get it stamped.

Reward Redemption

Rewards/Offers you are eligible for are automatically placed into the Barspender App. You will always be able to see valid offers with a few swipes on your smartphone. Don’t miss out on taking advantage of these amazing offers from your favorites.

Merchant Profiles

Find all the bartenders who participate and save them to your list of bartenders with a simple tap of their finger. You can see bartenders’ contact and location info and, most importantly any rewards and offers you may have available. Nothing is more easy than Barspender to keep your rewards in one place!

Your Profile

Easily add and update your personal information. In addition, you can also manage your opt-in or opt-out settings for email or text messages. You can even add a photo so your bartenders can see who you are and recognize you when you go visit.

Download Barspender Soon

Download Barspender from the Apple App Store or from Google Play. Search for 'Barspender', install and use it on your iOS or Android device.


Refer A Bartender

Get a super cool $10 value to use at the bartender you refer to Barspender, when they join. It's good for you and good for them. You could be royally rich...refer 100k bartenders and we'll boost you a whopping $1 million in value when they all sign up. Now that's AWESOME!

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  • Merchant Information