We transform ordinary customer interactions into extraordinary relationships...

We are a super flexible team of techy people who create easy to use, innovative products (several have been first-to-market!) that make merchants money and make their customers feel like royalty. We really, really love what we do and we pour our spirit into every product we create and every relationship we help grow.

    Our team

    If we were a band, we would be known as rock stars! Since we're not a band, you can call us the amazing team that never ceases to amaze!

    • Jeff Dorchester


      Cars and Friends

      Jeff DorchesterFounder and Chief Creative Officer

    • Dion Gonzales


      Football and beers

      Dion GonzalesFounder and CEO

    Our skills

    Here's a little of our company culture. These examples only skim the surface of our skills, but we still wanted to post up some fun!


    Time for Games

    Getting the job done doesn’t allow for lots of hankey pankey and tom foolery. That doesn’t mean we don’t take a few minutes to enjoy and have a little fun. Rest assured we’re working very hard to make you more successful.


    Creating Relationships

    Our Automated Marketing Platform puts real customer lifecycle relationship management at the fingertips of our merchants. Don’t just get the customer, keep the customer and deliver offers/rewards that delight!


    Listening to Customers

    Feedback is more important than most think. We believe our products need to be developed with feedback given by our customers and their customers. We take pride in listening to what everyone says, so we can build what you want.


    Coffee Drinking

    Late nights and long weekends are a perfect fit for a huge cup-o-joe. Did you know we all drink our coffee differently? Some like it sweet, some like it bitter and we all like it in our bellies.

    Why work with us?

    Because not only are we an amazing team of dedicated people, but we also care about your relationships as much as ours. Once you get started with us you'll immediately see how we're totally into the relationship building and keeping customers happy!

    This isn’t our first rodeo! We originally launched our technology in 2007. We were first-to-market and grew and were acquired in 2010. We came back together in 2012 and knew we could be better, which is what we are providing today. Guess what (say what?), we’re humble and listen to our customers and our customer’s customers in order to make the most disruptive and desirable automated marketing solution on the planet.
    We don’t offer bits and pieces of our stack – you get the whole enchilada! Forget all the crazy pricing structures and focus on a company that gives all of it to you!
    We’ve built virtually all of our technology to bring this complete automated marketing solution to you and your customers. We also figure why charge a ton when we don’t have to. We want to treat you right, just like we want you to treat your customers right.
    You can be up and running with our platform in as little as five minutes. That’s no joke! Web only orders will take a little more time in order for us to get our stamps out to you, but you can still be promoting and grabbing new loyalty customers within minutes of signup.
    We will support our services like Atlas supports the world! We strive to bring you the highest level of customer service in the industry. We also provide a concierge launch process where a real person will get on the phone with you and get your automated marketing up and running the way you like it!

    Our Story

    We transform ordinary customer interactions into extraordinary relationships...


    We believe people have an innate need to belong, to feel connected and engage in rewarding relationships that meet their functional and emotional needs and desires. We are in business to help people maximize those relationships.


    We do this by offering software that makes it easy for businesses to create personalized relationships with their consumers.


    We are innovating and evolving our intelligent marketing platform that combines customer data from separate databases and automatically launches precisely targeted marketing campaigns that increase customer frequency, spend and loyalty.

    The Stage

    A CRM and Automated Marketing Platform that nurtures the customer lifecycle, not just the sales and acquisition pieces

    It is a well-developed tenet of human psychology that we have an innate need to belong, to feel connected and to engage in rewarding relationships.

    Our purpose at Loyl.Me is to transform ordinary customer interactions into extraordinary relationships. Technically, Loyl.Me provides a cloud-based combination of a CRM and an intelligent marketing automation platform serving small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Our platform combines customer data from separate applications like email, loyalty programs, online ordering and SMS/text into a centralized database.

    Unlike other marketing solutions in the SMB market, our platform is infused with self-learning, and evolves based on customer purchases, frequency of visits and preferences and automatically sends precisely targeted email and/or SMS campaigns to consumers based on their history of interactions and value to the merchant. The system is automated, provides measurable marketing and allows businesses to track revenue generated by each campaign and the customer lifetime value of each customer.

    The Marketing Hurdle

    Disparate Databases, Untargeted Marketing with No Measurable ROI and Unknown Customer Value

    Today, where authenticity and real relationships drive much of our purchase motivations, companies need to develop more authentic and emotional relationships with customers. A significant hurdle to understanding customers on a personal level is the merchants’ inability to manage, combine or utilize customer interactions and purchase data from various application databases to automatically send precisely targeted marketing campaigns.

    Merchants rely upon email newsletters and “pay & pray” advertising, where they have no tracking of the return on marketing investment. Furthermore, SMBs have very little time as they deal with day-to-day administrative tasks, serving customers, and working with vendors.

    Loyl.Me to the Rescue

    Centralized Database, Precisely Targeted Campaigns with Automated & Measurable Marketing and Finally a Single-View-of-Customer

    Loyl.Me provides a powerful CRM and an intelligent marketing automation platform that pulls data from separate applications into a central database and automatically launches precisely targeted marketing campaigns.

    This benefits merchants by increasing customer frequency and average ticket sizes as well as:

    • Knowing the customer lifetime value (CLV) of each consumer with built-in customer scoring/segmentation.
    • Having an automatic customer retention engine to keep customers from leaving.
    • Campaigns are highly relevant to consumers as they are sent according to behavioral purchase data.
    • Minimizing coupon fraud and measuring revenue by campaign (and consumer) through verifiable offers/coupons.
    • Saving time with “set it and forget it”, automated marketing campaigns with logic already configured.
    • Streamlining operations and saving more time with only one interface to launch email and SMS marketing.

    With Loyl.Me, SMBs finally have a CRM and measurable marketing solution that is automated, giving them a new tool towards developing real, authentic customer relationships.

    Loyl.Me For The Win!

    Loyl.Me’s competitive advantages over competitors are twofold;

    Centralized Database

    Fed by various customer interaction points/applications and databases that collect purchase data, our combined database provides a Single-View-of-Customer (SVOC).

    Analytics & Action Platform

    Combines behavioral purchase data from various applications and automatically scores/segments customers. The system also has single-click campaign activation with already configured logic for customer retention, off-peak, new customers, happy birthday, big spenders and other campaigns. Additionally, merchants can create unlimited custom campaigns that automatically deliver precisely targeted marketing campaigns through email and/or SMS. The platform is self-learning and when consumers redeem campaigns, logic within the platform automatically recalculates.

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    Let’s Get Started

    The Automated Marketing Cloud is the action behind all the goodies we offer. If you’re ready to get more people coming in more often and spending more then let’s do this now!